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I wrote this earlier also. Many ( all most all ) facebook users are seemingly of the opinion that all the apps and features are legal and ethical. Though many are so , many more are not. Facebook itself is becoming illegal by the day. What with the Mood Experiments and the likes, ( read : changing our privacy settings without our knowledge , or changing the privacy attributes without our knowledge ) , FB is trying hard to have its pound of flesh. Every business has to survive and make profits, true. But this type of tactics are simply crap. I feel that the day is not very far , for facebook to close shop. Are we ready ? Though FB is very useful in many ways, it is harmful in many more ways. I am ready for any eventuality . In fact I did experiments by being away from FB for longer periods, ( some voluntary , some forced ) . I can say , It is very much possible to live without FB. ( Start using G+) By the way , I started treating those people as criminal , who add me into groups without first consulting me.
Posted on: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 01:53:48 +0000

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