INTRODUCING JESSY KABWILA THE MCPs STAND UP COMEDIAN “MCP rules out pact with DPP” screams the headline on the front page of the Daily Times of today. I find this statement coming in from the MCP losers laughable. I wonder why MCP is allowing this stand up comedian Jessy Kabwila masquerading as party spokesperson turn this oldest party into big time clowns. I find Jessy Kabwila as one noise maker who fights to be noticed for nothing. How can one say “we will be serving the country as an opposition party and there is no way we can be on the same side with the ruling party?” that’s an irresponsible statement. It clearly shows that MCP is flexing its muscles and ready to put on the gloves with an aim of turning parliament into some boxing ring. Let me remind the MCP losers that numbers don’t count for DPP. This is a party that survived in parliament when it had only 6 MPs. MCP can never beat DPP either through the ballot or in parliament. John Tembo tried but DPP became victors in all episodes. In 2009 they even teamed up with UDF but Bingu came out unscratched. They tried to impeach Bingu, shot down government business in parliament but DPP survived. Get this into your brain madam spokesperson that DPP is loved by many. Just wait and see what this party has in store for Malawi. The party’s manifesto is the blue print that is giving all of us hope for a better Malawi. Instead of fighting losing battles just go out there and assist Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to develop this country. I now believe that statements like “maliro akatuluka mnyumba salowanso” can only apply to parties like MCP. Instead of partnering government in the advancement of social and economic development they chose to make enemies for nothing. Malawians are watching and in 2019 we shall speak again. Bravo UDF and PP, your response to the question of whether you will be working with government or not shows that you care about Malawi. This country is bigger than certain individuals like Kabwila, therefore we cannot allow them to be taking us steps backwards when all we need is to make progress. PP messed up this country; it’s time to build it up. This is a Peter Mutharika’s moment to build the nation, let the MCP losers accept that and live with it. Indeed there can only be one president at a time. #APM’s moment.
Posted on: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 09:22:14 +0000

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