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IRAN: The Iranian Christian had repeatedly jailed because he is not willing to give up his belief in Jesus. But he came to a certain time always free. Iran currently increasing interest in Bibles among Muslims. This year, more Bibles have already been distributed as planned. But it is not safe to distribute Bibles. It is discovered, also leads to the arrests. ________________ "If all fixed together in the same mind. Unanimously Fight for the faith and the good news. Let yourself be intimidated by the opponents in any way, God will show them through your steadfastness, that they are lost, but you will be saved. Allah has proved the grace that you are allowed to do something for Christ, not only to trust him but also suffer for him. " Philippians 1, 27b-29 __________________ "Steht alle fest zusammen in derselben Gesinnung. Kämpft einmütig für den Glauben und die gute Nachricht. Lasst euch von den Gegnern in keiner Weise einschüchtern! Gott will ihnen durch eure Standhaftigkeit zeigen, dass sie verloren sind, ihr aber gerettet werdet. Gott hat euch die Gnade erwiesen, dass ihr etwas für Christus tun dürft, nicht nur ihm vertrauen, sondern auch für ihn leiden." Philipper 1, 27b-29
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