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Id say Charlie and I are generally very healthy. Last Sunday I had a stomach bug that kept me away from church. I even left work a couple days this week not feeling great. Today Charlie and I have the same mess. It must just be a terrible cold but both of us had a terrible night. Coughed so much my gut hurts. Charlie got up about 2am to try to get sleep sitting up in his recliner. Boils down to neither of us getting out today. Not Happy, Not Happy, Not Happy but we sure dont want to pass this mess to anyone. I was looking forward to going to Shawn Worrell and Sherris before our church service to be there for their church service. Their church is having their service and a baptism at the lake this morning. This morning there will be Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter egg hurts, candy and new clothes but I cant think of anything that would represent Easter any better than a baptism. A perfect morning for a baptism that is a public action that represents new life. Just as Easter is about new life. HAPPY EASTER FROM CHARLIE AND I...sick but still rejoicing that God would love us so much to send his only son to live as man, to die a terrible physical death but to rise again to live forever more. Im thankful that as Christians we have a Savior that is alive and lives in our heart and soul. Just think the best is yet to come because we who believe will also live forever. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted on: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 12:58:44 +0000

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