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If 65 million British Citizen stand in a queue for each one of them to sit down on the prime minister chair only for one year then this will take 65 million years but if each Citizen move in line with the queue all the British Citizens will be sitting on the prime minister chair of the mother of parliaments thus the future is confidently alone in line with the queue but totally together with the count tree. Knowing that your life cycle as well as your families, your next generations and all your loved ones will be dependant on the theme & thread of your line and based on who are you in the queue, where are you in the queue, how well are you doing in the queue & how well are you performing generally in life. Thus an understanding to all the social components around your life cycle and positive participations from you towards all the social components around your life cycle and towards your earth mother community around you will help yourselves as a community to move on forward all together towards the better and it is a ship mates ok because realistically a single tree of counts makes a countree which creates an earth mother called a nation and your human parameter as well as your human biometrics and human body calibre is dependant on your location, your position & your condition within this particular nation blue blood stream and ethically correctly every nation is a science coin & a pen tree framework for her children red bloodstream called The population who are connected and linked together in an echo-nomical cord sequence reality a secret chain of echo between them called the pronunciation their blue ship together and their echo together creates a national ego that unifies them, identifies them & surrounds them in a membrane then protects them inside the blue ship membrane of their own nation. Science a nation is a woman we need to know about women the fact that ladies does not cause famine, conflicts and all sorts of human made disasters but mainly ( The fee balances charged by ladies from the communities/societies for the males & from the males causes all sorts of famine, conflicts & human made disasters thus we can observe that females are the principal reasons for most of the human made disasters because of their fees which should be balanced ethically & correctly according to the cord of their own earth mother nation where they exist because they live inside the membrane of this cord where they have to give & take a two way relationship linking this food chain inside their membrane ). Theres MALE inside FEMALE , MR in every MRS , HE in each SHE . Which prove that MAN cant live without WOMAN! You were born to leave a print so do your part for goodness sake, place a soft good hand in useful life activity lines and remember that your personal memory will not last for ever but nature never forgets and the earth always listen while the sky always see. It was just a matter of a surprise surprise when that young gale went out with Socrates then later this young lady got married to Aristotle and she became an Aristocratic women. So life is just a matter of this & that where this is a destiny and that is faith ( All Mankind Are Subjects To Aristocracy So Move On With Your Aristocratic Blood Line ). youtube/watch?v=ZaViL2Yy6K0&feature=share
Posted on: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 21:23:48 +0000

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