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If you want to understand how to come up with real solutions for these tragedies (Tucson), instead of knee jerk reactions to the gun control mantra, start here (my response to this): 4 years ago today, a man with untreated serious mental illness acted out on his increasing psychosis. He was identified in the community, had 3 encounters with your citys (Tucson) Sheriffs dept., the community college hid behind the FERPA & HIPAA laws and did NOTHING! Did anyone tell his parents about our states involuntary treatment laws? In the state of Arizona anyone can petition the courts for someone to be treated. The tragedy is that this will continue as we ignore the glaring TRUTH about our NON system of treatment for the mentally ill. Thats why the focus is on guns, no one wants to take responsibility for the most vulnerable in our communities. Instead, liberals continue to push the idea that the mentally ill have a right to be mentally ill...what about the rights of others to live safely? What about this man who had a brain disorder, and thousands of others, dont they deserve the right to treatment before tragedy???
Posted on: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 19:51:01 +0000

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