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Im a server at Texas Roadhouse and I had a sweet gentlemen having dinner in my section last night. He was pretty quiet and patient. He didnt mind that I wasnt able to greet him right away because he saw that I was at another table talking to woman about our restaurant. She was so please that she had stopped by because everything about the place reminded her about her home state, Texas. He enjoyed his bone in ribeye and blue moon and once he completed the meal he offered to pick up the womans check along with his. I told him I thought it was so kind of him. He simple said someone did it for me, so Im going to pay it forward. He paid the bill and left so quickly. I returned to my other table a few moments later and she had asked for her check. I told her someone else took care of it for her. She was so grateful and confused. She didnt know how to respond. She said Ive heard of southern hospitality but that is on another level.Where is this table at id love to thank this kind person. I informed her he was no longer in the restaurant. She asked well how do I thank them? I said just pay it forward. Anyway you wish, helping a stranger or friend anyway that you can. I meet many strangers with what I do, and I found it amazing how someone can make someones day without expecting a thank you. It made my evening. :)
Posted on: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 01:50:48 +0000

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