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Im realizing that we have been lucky so far to have the amazing team that we have for Kai. When he turns 3 things will change a little bit; but if we move outside of Montpelier (which is very likely even though wed prefer to stay in Montpelier if we could), things will change a LOT for Kai. I still dont know exactly what it will mean for him; that wont be known until we know what town we will be moving to and can speak to the supervisory union about options for him. Yet it makes me realize that I have been taking for granted the amazing, caring, dedicated services that his PT Pam, his OT Diane, and his SLP Ann have been doing for him. Pam was with us since very soon after we found out about Kais diagnosis, and she has been a lifeline for us. I dont know what we would have done without her support and advice, and of course patient effective PT for Kai. I will lose her as his PT when Kai turns 3; but I plan to cling to her as I cant stand the thought of not having her to lean on. As far as Im concerned, she is a part of our family. Diane has been Kais OT and is able to work magic. We would mention something to her that Kai has been unable to do, and Diane would do it with him, and *poof* he could do it. She has been absolutely amazing with our stubborn peanut, and we have seen amazing gains because of her. Ann has been working hard with Kai on speech, and now he is saying several words. She is able to interpret progress and signs where others (myself included) only see babbling or yelling. Together, they have all been amazing in so many ways. I will be devastated to lose them, even if the new team is promising. Being a parent of a special needs child is difficult enough; and the system of how services are provided (or NOT provided) makes it even more challenging. So Pam, Diane, and Ann, know that I love you guys, and I am NOT looking forward to the day when we have to say goodbye.
Posted on: Sat, 24 May 2014 02:59:58 +0000

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