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Im sorry this is a really dumb rant but im just sad so whatever But its like ever since elementary school Ive been doing plays, musicals, etc in school and in community productions. Ive had lead roles, supporting roles, and sometimes I just worked behind the scenes (or wrote the entire play, designed set and costumes, and starred in it). I won spelling bees, geography bees, academic bowl tournaments, a local jeopardy like show with my academic bowl team, and now im doing this speech competition and like no matter what i was doing i never had anyone there and it always makes me kind of sad. Like my parents never came to anything I was in and it wasnt because they were busy or had to work because my parents are retired. My friends were either in there with me or too busy and I just really thought this time it would be different because lexi literally lives with me and everyone that im friends with in my speech class know im participating and lexi went home this weekend instead and none of my other friends are coming and its just really disappointing not having anyone there thats proud of you like i just want to look in the audience once and see someone smiling for me and idk im dumb goodbye rip me 2k14
Posted on: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 04:34:21 +0000

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