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Imagine for Tina: You were at the carnival with your best friend when suddenly you hear screaming from across the way. You look at your best friend and you give each other questionable looks. You guys decide to go check it out. You finally break through the crowd of girls who seemed to be fainting now and see Harry Styles and Zayn Malik right in front of you! You ask Harry for your autograph and he glances up at your eyes for two seconds. He turns around to say something to Zayn and then he points at you. He looks directly into your eyes, holds out his hand and says "Hi I`m Harry Styles. Whats your name?" you shake his hand and shyly reply "Tina" He smiles and wraps one arm around your shoulder, pulling you next to him. Zayn takes your best friends hand and the four of you start running away from the crowd and finally find a safe place to hide behind a roller coaster. You peek around the corner and see the fangirls splitting up to look for you guys in the direction they think you went in, ironically going the exact opposite way. Now that you were alone with Harry, as Zayn and your friend got lost somewhere else, you sat on the ground together laughing and sat there talking until your friend found you and you had to leave. Before you left Harry put his number in your phone and kissed you on the cheek. Hope you liked it!!!! ~PrincessStyles
Posted on: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 22:43:55 +0000

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