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Imagine that we have an old farmer’s pump here. We begin to pump like crazy. You get tired after a little time, so you ask a friend to help. After that person gets tired, you ask another friend to come up and pump some more. We pump and pump and pump, but there’s no water coming out. You have to prime the pump; you have to give first. Then, the pump will start to flow continuously and we’ll have enough water for all of’ us. It is the same way in our life. You can read all the self-help books that you ever want to read, you can meditate on the spiritual principles of prosperity 24 hours a day, but until you begin to practice it, you will never permanently manifest it in your life. The way to prime the pump is to begin to give; constantly giving of yourself. Are you giving totally of your human consciousness? If I decide to give to you, is it just me? No. I just make the way for the inspiration and guidance of God to come through. I do the priming. The Christ does the flowing. It cannot be turned off, unless, I decide to turn it off. It’s an interesting thing. I always benefit more by consenting to the activity, and allowing myself to be a channel of giving, than the receiver. Then, I benefit again because the world gives back to me in many ways. ~~Rev. Chenowith
Posted on: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 13:28:21 +0000

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