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Important Update for Cold live dvd concert and update on VIP tickets that were purchased on indiegogo. Tickets for Live dvd concert on July 11th and 12th in Jacksonville Florida will go on sale this Friday, or before, on our new website(link will be provided here when ready). We appreciate all your patience and understanding. We have been extremely busy with set up for show and making this a once in a lifetime experience. There will only be 20 more VIP tickets available. The rest will be general admission. But get them quick, as we are only allowing 300 tickets to be sold, to make it a very intimate and special show. VIP tickets are the same price as they were on the indiegogo campaign($100). The VIP allows you to get the first 5 rows of seating for both Friday and Saturday night of show, and a special VIP room with private bar to hang with band (when available)before,during and after show. General admission tickets will be $40 for the 2 shows .Grundig=(colds former band) show on Friday and the Cold show on Saturday). If you have already purchased your Vip ticket from the indiegogo campaign then you will receive a email within 2 weeks with instructions on receiving your pass and Cold Wonka bar at the show. We are not shipping the passes and cold bars due to it being hot as hell. If you have purchased a pass, and are unable to attend the show, then we will ship to you within a week after concert.If you would like to reserve a VIP pass, before they go on sale, then message us here on Facebook in a private message and we will try to accommodate you by adding you to a list. You will be notified when available. Thank you all so much and we look forward to being with our Cold Army family very,very soon. Love to you all. COLD
Posted on: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 09:09:34 +0000

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