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In October 2001, I had a lease expiring on my car and was also thinking of getting a hiking buddy since my little Lhasas legs were too short for the task. One Saturday I got in the car to do a little car shopping, turned on the radio and heard an advertisement for a car dealership that was hosting a dog adoption day that very day, so I thought Id go there just to take a look at cars and maybe check out the dogs. Starting with the dog adoption event (just to take a look), the first dog I met was a shepherd mix named Lilly with beautiful eyes that looked like they were surrounded by permanent eyeliner and which showed her old soul...... I never made it to the parking lot to look at cars. I brought that 7 month old girl home with me and she herded me for the next 13 years. Some will say it isnt possible because dogs dont have souls but that girl was my soulmate from Day 1. I had to send Lilly to the Bridge today. I struggled with whether to post anything about it, but Ive always shared her pictures and the stories of my furry family so it would feel unfinished to not share this as well. I pray that she is at the Bridge, knows she was so very loved and that her legs are strong again to carry her through the hiking and butterfly chasing that she wasnt able to do the last few years. I always say there is a reason Dog is God spelled backwards and she was definitely a model for that --- Rest in Peace my sweet Lilly-girl, my Silly Lilly, my Lillyhammer.
Posted on: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 01:07:15 +0000

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