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In The Ashtavakra Gita, we heard that we are not the doer. Is this not in conflict with self-effort? Please advise as to how self-effort should be utilized, especially in meditation. Sri Sri: You will realize that I am not the doer only when you put your 100% in self-effort, not before. If you have not done anything, you are only sitting there with your hands folded, you can never realize that I am not the doer. Meditation is effortless, yet to get into meditation, you need to put in a little effort. Did you notice yesterday, at the beginning, we put in some effort? There was an ache in the back, the shoulders, and then a few minutes later, it all disappeared. Effort is needed in the beginning, and then you have to let go. he Ashtavakra (Gita) is like moving or rather flying through rockets. There are different ways (of flying), one way is to map the road first, and then you know where to go. Another way is to sky-rocket, direct to the source. Similarly, there are different levels to knowledge; that is the richness of this literary tradition. It is so rich that it can guide anyone, from a beginner to a nuclear scientist. It has something to give everybody. (In the past, no generation was ever deprived of the ultimate knowledge. If you did not tap into it, that was your problem, but the knowledge was available to all.) When you go deep into this knowledge, you realize it is mind-boggling. You can understand the whole of Quantum Mechanics when you understand the Self, the consciousness. What scientists say today, that there is one field (of energy), this is exactly what the ancient people also said. God is not a person yet God can be called he, she or it, because it is conscious, it is lively. God is not an object, it is alive. The mind can be called he, she or it. There is the small mind and the big mind, the big mind is the presence, in which all the small minds exist. When you go deep in meditation, do you have any gender? No, gender is only related to the body. As a person, as a life, you are not male or female. You transcend the identity; Divinity transcends identity. That is why it is not that God is a person sitting up there. Most people have a concept of God as somebody sitting out there, and you are having a conversation with Him. You are conversing with your own mind. You can feel the presence of God; you can be God. Feeling is secondary, being is first. Knowing there is nothing other than this. What is right now, that is all there is (i.e., Truth, Existence and Bliss). Everything else, all the thoughts that went through our mind, all the interactions that we have had, all that has happened, are not there right now! Are they there now? They exist only in the video tapes in the library, where nobody bothers to look. At this moment, thousands of channels are working. Seven billion minds and multiple trillions of thoughts are being emitted out, and it is all gone! Can you wake up and see the grandeur of creation? There are billions of planets, billions of stars, and (we are) a tiny solar system in that galaxy. In the ancient days, it was said, ‘Ananta vai loka’, an infinite number of worlds, such that you cannot even count them. This grandeur of creation baffles the mind and brings it to the present. All that is right now is what is, the rest is just a play. That is the essence of The Ashtavakra Gita: everything is like waves in the ocean. Have you ever counted how many waves arise in the ocean? There are waves throughout the ocean, not just on the shore. Let alone how many waves are there in this second, think about how many waves have arisen in the ocean since the beginning of creation? Similarly, all these phenomena are just happening in the ocean of consciousness, and that ocean is Sat Chit Ananda.
Posted on: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 06:09:35 +0000

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