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In Tibet, some family clans actively undertake various kinds of positive actions such as practicing charity and making food smoke offerings, so everything goes perfectly well in the whole village they reside in. It rains in those places in need of rain while barley and grass grow well in those places used to be barleyless or grassless. It also goes without saying that the Han people should burn the offering incent to make food smoke offerings, which surely does good both for themselves and others. I often ask the Tibetans to carry on various positive actions such as arousing their bodhicitta and making food smoke offerings as frequently as possible, in which way they can dispel lots of unfavorable conditions. It is indeed quite convenient for the Tibetans to practice charity. We often burn such daily necessities as butter, cheese and Tsampa to all sentient beings of the six realms, which surely do good both for the doer and his enemies, hated relatives and devils of the three times. Therefore, it is encouraging for all of us to keep practicing such charity acts with bodhicitta. 在藏地,有些地方多個家族都積極佈施、經常作煙供,整個村莊都很好,沒有下雨的地方就下雨,或者不長青稞的地方就長青稞了,不長草的地方就長草了,結果非常圓滿。至於在漢地,可以多使用施食熏香慈悲超度煙供,這是類似的道理,對自他眾生都非常好。 在藏地,我也是教導大家儘量發菩提心,多做煙供等各種善事,通過這樣來遣除違緣障礙。藏地佈施很方便的,我們經常將酥油、乳酪、糌粑等東西燒掉,佈施給六道眾生。經常這樣做,對當事人也好,對冤親債主、魔鬼之類也好,都是很有利益,所以發菩提心經常做這樣的佈施非常非常好。
Posted on: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 14:50:49 +0000

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