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In a forum that I sometimes post in, this question was posed: I would like to know how one can prove that the evidence spoken by mediums is not reading ones mind? This was my answer: When we do our mediumship, often in the communication is information that the sitter does not know. Many times things that are said are not evidenced until years later. Other times, there are messages to be given to another person that are recognized only by that other person. Ive drawn portraits of people the sitter doesnt recognize, but looking through family photos they have found the exact image. We have many examples of this kind of evidence. One example of something that couldnt have possibly been in the sitters mind: In a group setting, I drew a portrait of a man with a flat cap. No one recognized him, so my husband asked the other side to give him some information. He said his name was Al and he belonged to a certain lady in the audience. The lady said she didnt recognize him, but, as she believed in what we do, took the picture, promising to search her photos. A few days later, she was at a car dealership looking for a new car. She was concerned at looking at cars and didnt really look at the salesman until they sat down to hash out the deal. She then noticed his name, Al, and took a look at him. He was wearing a flat cap and looked exactly like the portrait. She got all excited, exclaiming, Youre Al! Youre Al! When she calmed down, she explained to him what had happened. He in returned, broke down crying. He said, My wife just recently died and I had been wanting to find a good medium to talk to her. Spirit works in fantastic ways! Another great example: On a phone session with a middle age woman, her birth father was talking to my husband. He said his name was James, and many other details about him. The woman was unable to confirm anything about him, as she knew nothing about him, and it was something the family would not talk about, as her mother was only 15 when she was born. I drew a portrait of a young handsome man and when my husband saw it, he said that was the man he was talking to saying he was her father. A couple of weeks later, the woman told us, she received a package, out of the blue, with papers and one photo. The photo, she was told, was of her father and on the back was the name James. It also matched the portrait.
Posted on: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 22:24:59 +0000

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