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In a story of darkness - woven by the threads of deceit and jealousy, a shadow had been cast upon the kingdoms of man and his soul had been devoured by a thirst for glory - betrayed by the lines of invisible forces - a trap of corrupt power had been released from the depths of the earth and the trees had faded to black and music had been trapped into melodies of terror for which no notes had escaped untainted. For over a thousand years of horror had the people of this land been prisoner. But upon the eve of moonlight shinning had a name been nameless formed for chances of dice to roll had been cast upon the birth of new reason for a mind had been made incorruptible and begun a new kind of music. That the sounds of a steel cry clanging in the silence so once sealed, an engineer of thought determined to starve the powers that should never be - created a new fable which had a power unmatched and a marvel of true power to the great dark lord - and defeat while uncertain had become the most triumph, as the leader so decided had taken this new weapon to call the land freed from the clutches of doom. But as all things may come to an end, so they may form in even the most beautiful things a tracing of new thirsty power. Hidden in the caverns of the depths of where once the evil had been, a new prisoner had begun a dream which it had realized - as it started upon a new seed which shall surpass even the most violent hatred - a hatred for that which made it - so that it would be a prisoner of the very earth it escaped. And so this is the beginning of the threads of a cloth so veiled in perfection that it would find a new master, one which it could be released again - but never would it allow itself to be taken by poetry of thought and would fight the good it so had been given.
Posted on: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 00:16:48 +0000

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