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In this first installment of Drift Tips we are covering the basics. Before you start drifting you want to make sure you have the right basic car requirements covered: make sure your car is RWD, has a good strong clutch, an alignment to make sure all the tires are straight, preferably a racing seat to let you focus on just driving, and not planting your knees into the door panel/console on transitions. Yeah, I am not saying that you should get all that in one hit, but you must prioritize. When you hit the track you should have at least a SA2005 rated helmet, you should not have any fluid leaks, and all levels topped off. A highly over looked item would be tire pressure; a good ballpark setting would be approx 30psi in the front and approx 60psi in the rear. If youve got a Nissan 240SX that retains the factory KA motor with a cat back etc... start at 60. Make the car slide first and foremost, you can always put grip back in. If youve got a RWD car like a 240sx, Miata, Lexus IS300, or a Toyota Corolla they are all driftable. You dont need $4k worth of coil overs, solid arms, bushings, and Work wheels to make an impact on the track. And always remember that, The goal for your first track event is to make it through the day!!! Having drifted my fair share of non prepped cars and all the way up to a full fledged FD Pro car there is always something about an underpowered car thats so darn fun. On the next installment of Drift Tips we will cover types of initiation techniques for attacking the first corner of the track! -Rapper-
Posted on: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 17:13:15 +0000

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