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Insert 73 Following day, it was a sunday, i woke up, made my bed, cleand my room, went to wash. I wore my blue ponti skirt, white shirt wth my blue leather jacket, wth Black half boots. I combed my hair, into a neat push back. I went to my dads room, they were also dressing up Me:Morning dad:Morning princess Lina:hey bby boo Me:Ready for church? Lina:Yep Me:sho I went out to Zees room Me:morning Zee Zee:Morning mntase Me:How u? Zee:jst owk wena? Me:nam I went to Sinos room Me:Goomorning mntase Sino:wats so gud abt it? Me:Yoh! Mholo Sino Sino:mholo Me:aint u gng to church? Sino:mxm Me:Sino look(I went to sit nxt to her on the bed) Lina is the 1 whu suggested tht u need proffesional help Sino:wat does she evn know? Me:Klk Sino, lomntu ufundela ukba yisocial worker, so she understands ppl like uu Sino:wow Buhle.. Ppl like me? Me:Ewe Sinoyolo, yuu are disrespectful, short temperd, u dnt hv luv for other ppl Sino:Wat du u evn know abt luv kewenake? Me:I knw tht lv is caring, we care abt uu Sino thts why we even figured tht u need help, u are a beautiful, intelligent, bright young lady, & its not tht uyahlanya. Everybody needs help, akekho umntu operfevt, we all need help, nam i also need help, qha andikazazi ukba kakhle kakhle whr du i really need ths help. So would u plz let us help uu Sino: #sigh why du i exactly need help? Me:Each n evry person who has been abusd needs counsiling yakhumbula thina we neva went for counsiling, kodwa nguwe esimbonayo ukba u really need help. Sino: :/ Du i really need help? Me: *i nodded* Sino:ahem! Owk ke Me: :) Sino:bt du i hv to go alone kule profesionalist yenu, since i wasnt the only 1 whu hs been abusd? Me:No, if u dnt feel comfortable uwedwa nathi snoZee sohamba nawe, maybe nathi we need help whu knws? Sino: #sighs Yaa nhe? Reality is maybe i really need help :/ Me: :) Good, naw get ur ass off this bed, and go wash, we all gng to church Sino: :) Sino went out of bed, wayohlamba, i made her bed, chose an outfit for her. Thn ndahamba n went to the kitchen, everybody ws there eating breakfast. I made myslf cereal. Ndatya Lina:wht is Sino? Me:shes getting ready, uyeza Sino walked in luking so stunning, she lookd at me n smiled, i smiled too. Zee:wats gng on, why url smiling? Sino: :) is it a crime to smile? Me: :v We finished eating, thn we all went to church, Lina was the 1 driving. After the great wonderful service we went to car, Lina n dad were stl greeting ppl they knw Sino:Wow, the service was wonderful Me:nyanisile mntase :/ owk wow, Sino comenting abt how the church was wonderful? Wow owk! Maybe she really wana change sherm! We were naw all in the dining table, we were eating lunch. I was sitting nxt to Sino, i poked her, she lookd at me Me:Lets tell thm abt yr decision*I whispered* Sino: *She nodded* Me:Ahem! Everyone we have an anouncement to make(I held Sinos hand, she looked down, i poked her)thetha klk Sino*I whispered* Sino:um I.. Uhm Buhle n I were talking ths morning, discusing abt yesterdays issue. 1stly Id like to apologise to evryone abt the way ive been behaving lately, especially to Lina, plz 4gv me Lina for the way ive been treating yuu, i knw it was bad n rude of me, bt plz find it in ur heart to 4gv me. #sigh & lastly (She lookd at me, i nodded, n squeezd her hand) abt wat url were talking abt yesterday, ive come or lemme say, we hv cum to a decision tht we all go for Proffesional help since i wsnt the only one abused here. Enkosi! Dad:uhm, siyabonga ukba ude wavuma Sino, wed really like to see a change in ur life Lina:So whn are url ready for the sessions, Ill make an apointment for url? Me:Uhm maybe nxt week, wat url saying Ladies? Zee:Its fine by me Sino:Its owk. Dad:Yuu made a very good decision Sino, I luv u all niyeva Us:We luv u too dad! A week later, we were all(Zee, Sino n I) attending therapy sessions, we would make a group sincokole abt our feelings, Sino ws alwayz crying keyena, its really true whn they say The time u are being hurt u dnt realise, bt whn u thnk or talk abt the past, its the time it stings to ur heart tht eish, ive been through a lot The therapy sessions were helping a lot, Sino had a big change in her life. She was no-more the Sino tht everybody knws, she was naw, a respecting, kind person. She was trying day by day to please herslf n evrybody else. So this other day, i was sleeping in my room, my phone rang, i pickd up, wthout checking Me:Helo Caller:Hey, unjani friend Me: oh, nguwe mpintshi yam, ndigrand wena? Sgqibo:ndisharp mfetsu, eish qha ndikhumbula impintshi yam phela manje Me:yea ne, its been a long time Sgqi:Yea Me: #sigh a lot hs been happening lately I got a call from Otha Me: mpintshi i hv to go im gettin another call Sgqi:Sho I pickd up Othas call Me:Chomie Her:sendalahlwa na friend? Me:hayi chomie Her:care to explain Me:zokbalisela f2f Her:sho, i micd u sibhanxa Me:I mic u 2 hlanya lam Her:Ndiyakthanda yeva? Me:I lv u 2 Sibhanxa We hung up Goonyt family :*
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