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Isabel Gorski-Grobe November 8 at 10:05pm Before this petition one day closes, I want to re-name it No more poison for Caribbean dogs and hand it to my colleagues working for the welfare of animals in the Caribbean as a tool to aid them in their fight as the problem is everywhere the same. Warm regards, Isabel NO MORE POISON FOR DOMINICAN DOGS! Our petition has over 12.050 signatures!… PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT US!… WHAT DID WE ACHIEVE? In Punta Cana 5 hotels cö-operate with our partner Rescátame: Two of them were also among those 90 hotels that TUI invited to co-operate with us in an email sent 09. / 20. / 2014. TUI have limited their support to this one email. WE WILL CONTINUE! We count on you as (potential) tourists to make it clear to hotels that you expect and demand animal-friendly behaviour at your vacation spots! The petition will be extended til the end of May 2015 and will address hotels directly instead of travel companies as up to now. It will run the whole tourist season 2015, next goal: 15.000 signatures. PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WIKI DOCU: If you (or your friends) have been already to the Caribbean, even if ita been a while ago, or if you fly there this winter, please write there about your positive or negative experiences made in Caribbean resorts, from the viewpoint of an animal friend. There is a page for each island: After registering, enter the name of the island under Search symbol on the top to the right. When the page appears, click on the pencil at the right and start: We need place, date, name of hotel, your impressions, your signature. The hotels eill get to know these infos as well as the petition status. We hope that with your help we will be able to add soon more hotels to our online travelguide Animal-friendly hotels in the Caribbean: No more poisoned dogs at hotels and beaches of the Dominican Republic! Would you like to spend your vacation at a beach where dogs died in agony of poison because of you... SIGN THE PETITION HERE
Posted on: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 04:48:40 +0000

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