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Israel & New Breed - Alpha & Omega. You know what its like to have your heart broken and filled all at the same time. Youve served many times before, but then you go to Haiti. And you let God lead your steps. You speak less and listen more because you have to. You have to surrender your own will and 1st world lens if youre ever going to see them as Christ sees you. The healing begins with relationships. Without camera in hand, fully immersed in authentic moments, I crossed into an entire new realm of compassion for the precious souls of Haiti. In the village of Leveque on a beautiful healing island in the middle of the sea of the Caribbean, I sang Alpha and Omega with a group of Haitian preteens in a dusty alley separating just 2 rows of too many housing shelters covered in shredded blue plastic wrap. Many of you are nodding your heads. Your hearts have broken for them too, but youve also seen the pure joy in their faces when they lift up their Lord in praise! A happy joy that draws you in and fills your heart faster than you call spell chikungunya!! Many experiences are humbling and delicately refine your character, but this one was empowering. Just listen to the lyrics. With all theyve been through, they stand strong in His promises and give Him ALL the Glory. ps. I wasnt joking about the camera. I only snapped a handful of photos. Ill be sharing pics taken by my awesome Heartland team! Love to all. xxx
Posted on: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 02:22:07 +0000

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