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It is so painful that NYPD in our case targeted hard working white AMERICAN born middle class Man John Hockenjos. Johns grandpa worked hard for Ford Company, was Republican and loved his Country! Johns brother worked and retired as the police officer. Why ELLEGAL CRIMINAL ARGO PAUMERE FROM ESTONIA DESERVE JOHN HOCKENJOS ONLY HOME,LIFE SAVINGS?!! Why NYPD sold the Hockenjos to Argo Paumere?! Argo Paumeres alleged wife does dating services since 2006! If NYPD had free service from her? Or Paumere found connections to Bloomberg servants and now can target, kill ,put in jail hard working Americans?! Where we must go ?! Al Sharpton would not help us! Loretta Lynch sold us out! What we must do?! Why NYPD is destroying their own kind John Hockenjos/! https://youtube/watch?v=7Ani-d1W7tE A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this video is worth seven years. That’s what John Hockenjos was facing after being accused on Sunday of creating a “grave risk of death” by whipping his car into a driveway at a “high rate of speed,” forcing a cop to jump out of the way to save his life. The only problem with the case is that a “crystal- clear” surveillance video shows Hockenjos slowly pulling into the driveway while Officer Diego Palacios stands absolutely still, said Craig Newman, Hockenjos’ lawyer. “In my 20 years of legal experience, I’ve never seen a more crystal-clear example of a false arrest,” Newman said outside court after he asked Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Alexander Jeong to dismiss the case yesterday. The arrest stemmed from a dispute between Hockenjos, 55, and his neighbor Argo Paumere over who owns the driveway between their Sheepshead Bay houses. Palacios was standing in the driveway when Hockenjos calmly pulled in and got out of his car. But when the exchange got heated, Palacios cuffed Hockenjos and charged him with first-degree reckless endangerment. The case was undone by a surveillance camera that Hockenjos had mounted in the driveway. There is no explanation as to why the cop decided to lie and charge the man with a serious felony. But the video leaves no doubt – he was lying.
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 00:06:12 +0000

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