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Its been one of those rough days when youre overworked...its hot and very humid...everyone seems on edge...we are understaffed....and so on and so on...its s big event day today so there hasnt been a moment to take a breath...I get a call to pick up an elderly lady and take down to the restaurant... I was a little late picking her up and I apologize profusely... Her son has flown in from out of state and her granddaughter was with him . I started a conversation with a woman and she shared some very personal information with me.... she was a young 82 year old and she only had a short time to live because she has liver cancer. The only thing that she wanted to do today was to see Lake Lanier and have lunch on the lake. This woman was so kind to me and so grateful for me taking the time to make what may be one of her last memories with her son and granddaughter. I dropped her off, pick them up when they were done eating, took them to the boat ramp and made them promised that they would call me when they came back from the boat ride... As I said goodbye to them she thanked me, gave me a hug...she thanked me for being apart of this special day... She told me that I was sent to her to be her angel for the day... I was so touched overwhelmed with emotion she made me smile and I told her she would be in my prayers ... Thank you God for bringing this woman into my life today ... I was so humbled which from time to time we all need. this bad day didnt seem so bad after all ... God works in mysterious ways doesnt he?.........
Posted on: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 00:05:58 +0000

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