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Its just now really starting to hit Maybe, its because I just deposited the largest weekly check Ive ever deposited in my career. Or maybe its because of the vision that was laid out at the #WukarBegins launch in San Diego last week. All I know is that the past 45 days have been absolutely AMAZING. God is so good! Recently, I qualified for something called the Millionaires Club, an initiative created under the leadership of TEAMWUKAR. It was offered to those who hit the position of Sales Director or above inside the company by Nov 1. It took roughly about $40,000 in volume over a 35 day period which is pretty darn good considering there was no waiting room to leverage volume or preferred placements, spillover of any kind, or any funny money shenanigans going on. It was 100% organic and it was a collaborative and phenomenal team effort. I, along with my team, worked our butts off! Im never been part of a more focused and driven bunch during any particular 30 day stretch run. So in case I havent told each of you personally, Im so grateful for each of you and truly privileged to run with you on this journey. What just happened and most importantly whats to come makes my heart smile for each of you! So to my team, THANK YOU!! Apparently this is all I can tag :/ But appreciate you all and Im humbled you took a leap of faith with me! Angela Cavesina-Bowers Mike Stephens Now be prepared for the ride of your life. :)
Posted on: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 20:24:16 +0000

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