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Its not my fault Im the way I am but this is how life is for me If you show somebody love ,your being or acting fake? If your honest and state a genuine opinion .your considered a ass hole? If you show feelings or act considerate to someone your called sensetive?? If your in prison or dead thats when your finally considered the realest? If you compliment a woman and show interest in her your acting thirsty? If you believe that every race is equeal no matter the situation your called a liberal hippy? If you dont like guns people think your not american? If you do something for somebody because thats just generally what you wanna do..they still think you want something in return? If you dont talk about somebody while somebody is running them down then you must be related to them or something? nahhh not really I just generally dont say anything about people that I cant or dont say to there face? Wanna hear something people dont get about me... I generally keep my nose out of peoples buisness and personal life unless they want me in it If your have a female who you consider to be your good friend because there a awesome person well your considered to be gay or you got friend zoned? I litterally go through this all the time and get these reactions and its 2015 lol
Posted on: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 21:44:46 +0000

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