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January 27th, Pakistan Security Note Editorial Snapshot Pakistan + China / India + US = Conflict? Yes and no. Even as President Barack Obama enjoyed a grand Republic Day parade in New Delhi, wowed audiences with a Bollywood movie line, met leading Indian industrialists while pledging $4 billion in investments, he took a parting shot and lectured India on the freedom of religion (in the background of the forced conversions based “Ghar Wapsi” movement spurred by right-wing Hindu groups). But a reported surprise for the US Administration was how “willing and eager” Narendra Modi was to take on China and revive an old regional security agreement, even as it “agreed to American language” in a joint statement on security in the South China Sea as Obama pivots to Asia. Meanwhile, China reacted with caution to the American backing of India entering the Nuclear Supplier Group, with state-run press advising India to avoid the American “trap”, even as General Raheel Sharif of the Pakistan Army on Monday met senior Chinese military and political leaders, getting a lot of photo-ops out of its “Iron Brother” in Beijing, which stressed on continuing support for anti-terror cooperation with the Islamic Republic. Bonus Read: IS names its new “Khorasan” (Af-Pak) expansion plan and leader, Hafiz Said Khan No candy in Indo-Pak: Pakistani Rangers on Monday refused to accept the traditional gift of sweets for Indias Republic Day from India’s Border Security Force (BSF), conveying their displeasure over the recent border spat between the two countries; Meanwhile, troops along the Line of Control did exchange sweets to commemorate Indias Republic Day. Amid continuing low-level border skirmishes between India and Pakistan, a Pakistan Air Force passenger jet on Sunday made a scheduled refueling stop, the first of its kind, in Luckhnow, India Yay, nay, maybe & some evidence: Defence Secretary Lt. General (retire) Alam Khattak on Monday briefed the Senates standing committee on Defense that the US has not given any firm assurances to continue assistance to Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) arrangement after it expires in September 2015; Defense officials also briefed the Committee that the US has assured full support in arresting or killing Pakistani Taliban chief, Mullah Fazlullah, who is reported in north-eastern Afghanistan. Also, local media reported that Pakistan has shared evidence of India’s involvement in supporting militancy in Pakistan with the US. IDP’s pressurize government: Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Khyber Agency on Monday staged a protest outside Khyber Pakhtunkhwas Governor house demanding an end to the military operation in their area, a comprehensive financial package, early repatriation and opening of the Bara market; the governor of the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province said that repatriation of IDPs from Bara tehsil is to begin from February 15th as most of the areas were now cleared the militants. Banned, but will save your life: Amid contradicting reports of a ban by the government on the organization, philanthro-militant group Jamat-ud-Dawa launched its ambulance service in Karachi. Thundering into service: Pakistan on Monday formally inducted the JF-17 Thunder, an indigenously manufactured fighter-bomber jointly developed with China in its air combat school. However, the jet is yet to gain big sales status. Briefs · Why India went a step beyond others to mourn Saudi Kings death · Nawaz pens a letter to Modi in an attempt to thaw icy relations with India · Pakistans future worries both India and US · Fazlaullah among other TTP members declared proclaimed offender in airport attack case. · Miners abducted in Balochistan · Girl burnt alive in Pakistan’s Sindh province for saying no to a marriage proposal CT/Terror/Security Activity & Alerts · PAF plane makes unprecedented refueling landing in India. · PAF inducts JF-17 in its combat school. · IDPs from Khyber Agency protest in Peshawar. · JuD launches ambulance service in Karachi. Politics & Diplomacy · Pakistan Rangers refuse to accept sweets from Indians. · No firm commitment on CSF by the US. · US assures support to arrest/kill Fazalullah. · China says Pakistan most reliable friend Interesting Reads · Qadris case (DAWN) · Security Dilemma (DAWN) · A new chapter is possible (DAWN) · Pakistan not fan of Indias parading while Obama is present (NPR) · New Delhi and Washingtons China convergance (Wall Street Journal) · Is JF-17 really a tough sell for China and Pakistan (The Diplomat) · The Art of US-Pakistan relations (Foreign Policy) · Rescuing British Women from forced marriages (BBC) · Peace through strength, Indian style (Council on Foreign Relations)
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