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Jibrin Ibrahim wrote in Sahara report Word Bank? or Jews, America & Europ Bank? Let me tel u, they ar ol owned & control by westerners. They ar set up 4 a purpose. We hav no doubt, d so called world bank, international monetary fund (IMF) & aids that d western world is donating 2 Africa & some Asian countries, it has come to our knowledge, dat ol mentioned above ar set up by d western world 4 d purpose of achieving their set goals, i.e 2 make sure underdeveloped countries remain underdeveloped, & high rate of unemployment. we ar aware dat ol conflicts dat ar happening around d glove, especially in Africa & some Asian countries, including middle east ar conspiracy by d western world 2 enable them devide & rule d world easily, bcos if they allowed peace 2 rain, most of third world countries wil developed & is a threat 2 western economy. We know about economic hit man! d aids giving 2 these countries by d western world is not 4 GOD sake. But, 2 pive way 4 them 2 hav control over these countries & infact, d entire world. d so called world bank & IMF ar mainly 4 awarding loan facilities 2 these countries, which @ d end of d day these countries cann‘t affort 2 repay dat loan in good tym, there4, d interest rate wil continue compounding, another tactice is, finally they will wipe d loan & set u free. After some times, they hav profesionals who ar exparts in designing policies dat crippled d socio economic background of dat country, in real sense d policy can help in improving economy & urge dat country 2 impliment it, & offer another loan 4 d country 2 use d fund in implimenting d policy, witout knowing dat d policy is a set back 2 dat country‘s economy, & way forward 2 d westerners. That‘s why today most of Africa & Asian countries thought dat they cann‘t do without them. There4, d western world, take advantage of dat, manupulate & take these countries 4 granted & exploit them. I think is high tym, we should shine our eyes!
Posted on: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 06:41:34 +0000

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