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Josh we are so blessed to have you. A son, a brother, a friend that has your kind of heart. A heart that has His heart, SO UNDERSTANDING, LOVING, GIVING, KIND, FORGIVING and HUMBLE. Praise God! You have never changed Nak, your attitude and even your face, you have just grown :) Nak God knows your desire, plans and knows your DREAMS. Have faith, be positive that God Will give it to you. Stay FOCUS, Never leave your eyes on your dreams and Jesus. Dont let discouragement and fear have a place in your heart, they are there to rob you of your dreams and Gods plan for you, INSTEAD make it a driving force for you to press hard and be DEPENDENT ON GOD. Visualize your dream, Make a Dream Board. Be it known to God. Ask and it will be Given, Knock and it will be Open, Seek and you will Find Matt 7:7 Lastly, Stay humble God loves a humble and quiet spirit. Be a blessing, thats what we are here for, our mission in life. Share the goodness of God, Make it known in your life, Let them see Jesus in your life.. Lots of ways to be a blessing.. Ask God for guidance. Be gentle as a dove but be wise as a serpent. Have a discerning Spirit, Have a Heart of Worship.. and a mind of God. You can never go wrong. Nak I may not be with you all the time but God promise to you is that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:9 Be GRATEFUL always for you have a LOVING GOD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUYA!!! #stayhealthywithsantebarley
Posted on: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:54:20 +0000

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