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Just a small thought I was walking with.... (Read or dont) De digital world changed a lot for human but no less for animals. Often enjoyable and good but sometimes its ashamed and thats what I was thinking about. Humans have gone inwards in this technology age. Easily smilies fly over the digital counter but if you walk outside and you call towards a person and say good morning! a bewildered gaze is often the responds and when the person already passed you, they get torn out of their own thoughts and the reaction comes. Leaving it with an none responsive empty feeling. Since life goes fast and we dont stop for each other... Some days ago I sat in a train and I was there with 40 others or so but it was totally silent... all gazes where inwards to their little machines of technology. We have build in a new intolerance for our own kind and technology is also partly to blame for that. It seems we need each other less because of it. It seems colder in a world that is slowly getting warmer due to that same technology. Except on those days colder days in the year where people seem to care more for each other then other days. I ask myself, how do we change this? The Older generation says we have become softer. We dont have to do the difficult heavy things any more and emotionally we are soft. But I think this generation is harder and colder than the one before even could imagine. While I walk by a person outside, that person calls out to me... Good morning! I look up bewildered by my thoughts but before I can react the person is already gone... My reflection is complete... We can only change ourselves and to be honest I am glad about that. I can only reflect my thoughts completing the inward circle of this technology age. Just wish we would all have more tolerance and care towards the other creatures in the world since they can not defend themselves quite as well...
Posted on: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 08:57:34 +0000

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