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Just an old poem I wrote for my world literature class that gave me a B for my final. I never get As for my poems/writings because the professors always tell me they dont understand what Im writing. Anyways this was my tribute to one of my favorite world stories of all times. Dantes inferno. The face of three has reigned into the walls of black knowledge. His grimace reveals the scent of putrid death with the demise of God that will etch itself into the walls of hate. Virgil will lead us to the path of righteousness. When the damned lead the way we will all smell the fires from hell and the roses from heaven. The angels will rain on us with envy and cover us with their wings as the boats set sail through limbo. I can hear the screams of faith being burned by the silver flames of God as hell rises within. Do you taste the silver off the tombs of our ancestors? The time is now and the angels sing to the sirens to break their song for tongues and for versus full of sin. The dark hour is near when I can touch the softness of their feathers. They smell like roses after it rains! I perspire with my own gull and take within the deep passion of the arbor vitae and the forsaken soul that ate from it. Dante will rise to the stars after he awakens from his slumber to realize he is and always was already in paradisio.
Posted on: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 03:37:28 +0000

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