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Just because, on a day like this, I feel the desire to run the brim of my fedora, light up a Camel, and make my way to a forgotten street on the broken side of town, where Honey West has an ocelot, all the inside skinny on everything that anyone doesnt want known, and of course, the best coffee and finest burgers in town. Look for the palomino mare tied to the busted fire hydrant outside, and Ill be in my usual booth, reassuring the possum under my immaculately-tailored Brooks Brothers jacket that five speed-loaders of .41 Magnum justice, plus six in the wheel, are more than enough for anything we might encounter. Toots Cynthia White Lee) and Shoes April Johnson) might be at the bar, discussing volleyball, men and the merits of 9mm versus .38, while August R. Dittbenner and Steve Kwiatkowski just diss the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Izzy Coleman likely wont be circling the dance floor sinuously with her hatchet, since her baby is about ready to pop, and shes worried about turning little AK loose in any place where he can find meat. Yeah. Honey Wests. Yall come on down. youtube/watch?v=3bYPnfXXUp4
Posted on: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 20:27:37 +0000

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