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Just in case anyone didnt see this post before! I was an au pair near Geneva last year as part of my degree in languages. For my final year I am writing a dissertation on the effectiveness of gender equality laws in Switzerland. I decided to look into this subject as I found that Switzerlands childcare systems expect there to be a parent at home during the week (Not enough places in nurseries or spaces for children to stay for lunch at school, etc) and that most of the time it seems to be mothers who have to deal with this problem, which can hold them back professionally. If you feel you are able to, please pass this link to my questionnaire for the study on to your host parents. (Its in French.) https://app.evalandgo/s/?id=JTlCbyU5NHE=&a=JTk3biU5NGslOUU= Any help getting this to Swiss parents (or if you have any Swiss friends who want to share their opinions on this matter) will be greatly appreciated, they may find it interesting to think about as well! Of course do not do so if you feel it will cause problems for yourself or host family. Im about half way there getting the number of responses so spamming you all again in the hope of getting the rest :)
Posted on: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:23:08 +0000

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