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Just listening to todays show.. before I take the dogs to their second training class. ;-).. Glad to see word of Charlies use of the Y word is motoring round the village nicely... although of course Susan is the one Ed has to get nattering.. perhaps this will finally put her off the odious git. But telling the milkman will do for starters. Ed did confirm in passing that he has indeed taken out a payday loan.. so perhaps we will finally get the storyline Darrell should have been but wasnt. Very interesting exchange between Freddie and Lizzie Dripping. He didnt play the ... youre a slag card.. [the word I think he might use.. not mine] which I though he might.. but if this internal row continues then I do see it coming. I think hes right about Nigel.. I think Nigel would have been very vocal. And its all well and good Lizzie talking about keeping the business going but expediency has ALWAYS been Lizzies way.. She is a born pragmatist.. Roy on the other hand.. talk about rich. !! Hayley and I are friends of the family..?? . yes Roy but you are the only one with benefits arent you. Then telling Lizzie he was happy to be a father figure.. sheesh.. I think she pretended to misunderstand.. Roy Tucker.. father figure to the whole village.. ?? NO hes perfectly prepared to throw is ACTUAL kids to the kerb just so he can get his leg over.. Hayley should count herself lucky Roys not Henry VIII.. when he wanted to get his leg over someones head usually came off. Roys about as good a husband and frankly about as good a father too. If a man stood in front of me and said what Roy said.. I would explain to him in no uncertain terms that any man who would do that to his own family was the sort of scum I clean off my shoes.. he would be out of a job and he would be off the premises before he had a chance to put out the fire on his arse. So.. a jolly good episode all round I thought. ;-)
Posted on: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 20:23:34 +0000

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