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Just thought Id drop something on here about my recovery. After my back going bad on oct 11 I have pretty much, no I have actually spent every day since then flat on my back. I bugged out a disc between L4 and 5, pulling some moveable tennis nets on the AstroTurf at school. Took a few days for it to really hit me but when it did I was stuffed. Spent 13 nights in hospital, 12 in New Plymouth while they figured out exactly what I had done. Went from physical exams to X-rays to ultrasounds to imaging and finally to MRI Which really caught the bulging disc. Aong the way they found a small hernia in my thigh which will need addressing at some time later. The new wing at New Plymouth Base Hospital is absolutely AB FAB. for my long stay i was in a quad room with some cool guys coming and going. A few nights I was alone which was weird. I mean, how many times do the student nurses really have to take temperature and blood pressure? Due to the acute level of pain I was in, I was on some pretty great medications which made life bearable, and may have helped attribute to my addiction to the British show where four people rate each others houses to see who wins 1000£. Its called MAY THE BEST HOUSE WIN. Riveting! And lets not forget DICKENSONS REAL DEAL, where the host hovers around while buyers try to buy Antiques Roadhouse stuff from people and if he thinks the bid is rubbish, swoops in and tells the people to put the item up for auction if the buyer wont offer higher. Also riveting. Theres also a sports channel where I saw my beloved Washington Redskins lose to the Denver Broncos four times, bravely expecting the re-run to have a different result each time. So they decided I needed the old corticosteroid injection in my back to calm things down and I was literally lucky to get to Dr. Boheimer in NP on Tuesday last week and after ten minutes with me he picked up the phone, made a few calls, left the room a couple of times and then told me he could do the injection on Thursday. Boheimer doesnt sound Italian but he got me sorted like he was an Italian from New Jersey. Cudos to the nurse who literally held my hand while I got the injections, I hope you can use that hand again soon. I had a lot of pain after the injection so they chucked me back in hospiital for a couple more nights to keep an eye on me, but now with less powerful opiates I realized how much I was missing real Sky TV. Ive been home since Saturday literally allowing the injection do what it does. My great physio Liam Clancy stopped by a few days ago and really laid out what I had done, what the doctors had done and made me realize that lying still watching sports and movies doesnt always have to mean youre a lazy bugger. I have to find the no pain positions and lay there while the medication does its job. The pain which was all the way down my right leg last week is shrinking back daily as I keep weight off that leg and I try to make the time between taking my pain meds longer and longer. Had a very nice catch up call from Dr. Boheimer hast night and will have a follow up with him in a few weeks. Meanwhile I am doing my little physio exercises as prescribed and learning more about WW2 every day! If anyone would like to have a chat, message me and I will give you our home number. Thanks for all the get well messages. We all know they help. Cheers, Ed Debbie Fern
Posted on: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 22:26:17 +0000

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