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KORMANGALA 4th BLOCK. Near Ooty Chocolates. PLEASE DO NOT RENT THIS PLACE. Flat No. 120 Soubhagya Apts, 16thB Main, 4th Block, Koramangala Incident: 1) We rented this place 6 months back with a security deposit of Rs 1 Lac. 2) Had to leave this place within 1 year because of some reasons and we were ready to pay the desired penalty that was 1 month’s rent as signed in the agreement. i.e. Rs. 25,000. 3) Actual Penalty asked: Rs. 1,25,000/- 4) So basically we were asked to pay Rs 25,000/- more and we threatened that if we don’t pay this amount, he won’t let us leave Bangalore. He happens to be an Inspector General of Police. 5) Breakdown of money asked: a) 50,000/- (2 month rent for leaving before 11 months period, this was 1 month when we signed and this was striked off to 2 month without our signatures on agreement). b) 25,000/- (Painting charges without the painting being done) c) 25,000/- (1 month rent penalty for notice period less than 1 month) d) 25,000/- (We stayed till Dec 5th, that actually is the billing cycle, but charged for full December) 6) After negotiation of 2 hours he agreed to pay us 20,000 back and deducted Rs 80,000/- from security. We really had to act like slaves to get the amount down to 80,000/- 7) Kindly be aware of such Landlords. Specifically this one.
Posted on: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 16:26:28 +0000

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