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● Kathara Grid(Kathara Grid or Kathara 12-Tree is also known as The Tree of Life): The word Kathara refers to the Core Structure of Morphogenetic Fields, the Holographic Templates of Sound-light and Scalar Waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests::[https://facebook/photo.php?fbid=603033746477147&set=a.572867609493761.1073741887.100003115827408&type=3&theater] ● KA - Light, THA - Sound, RA - One. The Kathara Grid of the human body is the Core Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar-wave template, and all other levels of identity and form are built. It is the Control Center for manifestation of the Human Being::[https://youtube/watch?v=UIHZZEtNRoA ... ] ● [In My Secret Life] I saw you this morning. You were moving so fast. Can’t seem to loosen my grip On the past. And I miss you so much. There’s no one in sight. And we’re still making love In My Secret Life. I smile when I’m angry. I cheat and I lie. I do what I have to do To get by. But I know what is wrong, And I know what is right. And I’d die for the truth In My Secret Life. Hold on, hold on, my brother. My sister, hold on tight. I finally got my orders. I’ll be marching through the morning, Marching through the night, Moving cross the borders Of My Secret Life. Looked through the paper. Makes you want to cry. Nobody cares if the people Live or die. And the dealer wants you thinking That it’s either black or white. Thank God it’s not that simple In My Secret Life. I bite my lip. I buy what I’m told: From the latest hit, To the wisdom of old. But I’m always alone. And my heart is like ice. And it’s crowded and cold In My Secret Life. ● The Kathara Grid is a fundamental structure of God-Source, and it is known as the Krist Code::[https://facebook/photo.php?fbid=603033773143811&set=a.572867609493761.1073741887.100003115827408&type=3&theater] ● There are several structural levels of the Kathara Grid Level-1 Kathara = 12-tree Grid with Kathara Centers & Kathara Lines Level-2 Kathara = Crystal Seals Grid & 15 Primary Chakras Level-3 Kathara = Diodic and Miodic Points Grid The Kathara Grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organization of units of consciousness upon which Partiki units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids. It is geometrically structured as 12 Primary Kathara Centers connected by 15 Primary Kathara Lines. It is the CORE level of scalar standing wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensionalized systems, and is thus considered to be the Core of the Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar wave blueprint and all other dimensions of form anatomy are built. The Kathara Grid is the causal element within all manifest effects of dimensionalization and consciousness. The form of the Kathara Grid is reflected in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of all manifestation. All forms have at their core the common structure of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template. Energy IS Eternal Consciousness that perpetually changes form by projecting through the structures of the Kathara Grid, while simultaneously remaining always the same. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form following the geometric structure of the Kathara Grid.(The Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System Course– Page 26) The first Tree of Life or Kathara Grid and the one closest to God-Source is called Krist Grid.(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. DVD 01 - 00:07:10) (See also: Primal Order, Kathara Healing) The Kathara Grid is the CAUSAL FACTOR beneath ALL dimensional expressions, thus all forms of consciousness & consciousness integration-expansion too! The Kathara Grid is, therefore, the foundation on which the Axiom Grids, Merkaba Fields, Auric Field Levels, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, Meridian Lines, physical matter systems and Multi-dimensional Levels of Consciousness manifest.(Kathara Healing Workshop Brochure by Azurite Press on behalf of the MCEO) ● [Keylonticdictionary.org]
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