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Kayla writes: Has anyone used Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and distilled water to help get rid of a pets ear infection or any other holistic homemade remedies? Goin to try some holistic homemade remedies to get rid of Clarys ear infection/chronic ear infections she has had since before we adopted her.....so tired of the vet and buying meds and I DO NOT want to put her on an anti-allergen prescription food which the vet wants to put her on......its totally not health supporting at all..lots of grains and carbs..low in protein...shes been on antibiotic ear drop ..tresederm, for 2 months since the week we got her...it cant be good for her ears to be on it that long and possibly she might have already built up an immunity to it......vet said she prolly is allergic to a main ingredient in the food and treats she eats now..which would be chicken...so Im now switching her to food , dry and wet, and treats, that has no chicken anything anywhere in the ingredients and I am hoping after 6 weeks on this new food and on some holistic homemade remedies I can kick these chronic ear Infections in the bud...I do clean her ears out with ear cleaner from the vet a couple times a week...she just shakes her head sometimes now...so its Def not anywhere near as bad as it was when she got her..when she would scratch her ears constantly and meow like crazy as she was scratching them......and her ear wax build up when we got her was nasty...which now she no longer has any ear wax build up...._
Posted on: Tue, 27 May 2014 19:57:24 +0000

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