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Kingdom people let us ......................................................................................................................................Glorify and Worship God the Father and the Holy Spiritchaser Know the first heaven, the second heaven and the third heaven. I used to think that I am just my body. Then after 60 years I knew that I am 2 persons, my body and my soul. Now the New Revelation to the kingdom people. I am my spirit,my souland my body. Why???? Find out from Matt Sorger. https://youtube/watch?v=LVpcS2NWc8k&spfreload=10 Question for the day: Who was I, where did I come from. Where are we going to go to. Sharing for the day: We were in the spirit realm, the third heaven.We were angels, sons of God the Father.We came from our home, our heavenly home. If we know where we came from then we know we we are going to when we die. Do not pray for salvation and eternal life, when you do not know where you are going back to, Fast forward: Jesus did not die for your salvation. He died so that you may lived. lies............. HALF TRUTH AT BEST, Jesus died for his own salvation, his own reconciliation with a GOD the Father. When he paid for his iniquities in heaven with his passion on the cross, the holy heavenly portal was reopened so that we can return to our heavenly home. otherwise theheavenly portal is slammed shut for eternity, Jesus did all that for his own salvation, we were just beneficiaries, just as we were punished by God the Father, Condemned to Earth to pay for our disobedience to God the Father. Why I know all this... I was not in your church for the past 12 months.... I was in the heavenly realm for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of who God really is and who we really are. Hello I am back with this message and vision to praech to the world and to convert 6.5 billion people on earth that there is only one true God the father and the Holy spirit. He is the one you must obey and you will be saved. That Jesus is not God in the Body. Jesus was not God in spirit but the angelic host in heaven. The second coming of Christ.Is not a good thing. New Revelation: Serious stuff. Jesus will try his old trick again. He will attempt to disobey God the father again, FATAL. This time he will be condemned to earth again for eternity. There will be no redemption again. BE ON GODS SIDE THIS TIME AROUND> So worship in spirit and in the truth. Worship only God the Father and his holy spirit.the Oneness of God. No holy Trinity Lies. There was no Jesus the beginning . and there will be no will be no Jesus God in the end. Jesus was only a God that man made.But God the father made us , created the World and the Universe. We are now living on earth, the first heaven, and our spirit is living in the third heaven.The heavenly portal is opened and we will all go to heaven Good or Bad when our body perish. There is no sin because nothing is good or bad. the only bad thing is that we can do is to go against the will of God. I am back but I wont be with you. I have lots of work to do for God the Father. Ihope you do understand.
Posted on: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 02:09:11 +0000

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