LET US CLOSE THIS POT OF BLOOD ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES For how long more shall we standby and watch as our brothers, sisters, friends, mothers, fathers, pastors are steadily been mauled down at a particular spot in Imo States capital and their blood cupped into a pot of blood? While we stand idly and talk, write and even moan about these human inflicted deaths on our people, we may be the next to be taken the next minute. Accidents can happen anywhere, people have been killed by straying vehicles while they relaxed in the comfort of their sitting rooms. However, when a particular spot becomes very notorious for drinking the blood of our bloods, then we must ask questions. IMSU Junction has taken many souls, disfigured many able-bodied men and women and frustrated not a handful of people.; IMSU JUNCTION IS A POT OF BLOOD. Banga was a young man filled with life, prospects and beautiful dreams. He graduated from Imo State University and after trying futilely to get a white collar job, he found his way to Malaysia, where as we say in our local parlance; Oluwa blessed his hussle. He did not forget home, he did not forget youths like himself who are jobless and do not have the opportunity to travel abroad like himself. He set up an egg distributorship business here in Owerri, and got some fellow youths gainfully employed.Banga had concluded plans on settling down with a beautiful damsel who stole his heart and seized his breath. He was happy, he was inspired to make more money, because he was determined to give his wife and coming children the best life he could afford for them. Banga did not go stealing, his biggest and known sin was his decision to contribute any little he could to the economic development of his State, the other sin he committed was being a citizen of Imo State, at a time when life mattered little to those who lead us. Banga died. Banga died while on phone with his beautiful fiancè. Banga died as he went to supply eggs to one of his customers around IMSU Junction- the pot of blood. Banga was mangled beyond recognition by a straying lorry. Banga is dead, his fiancè heart is broken, his siblings are dismayed, his parents are distraught, his friends are still crying. Who killed Banga? It was neither IMSU Junction that killed Banga, neither was it the straying lorry that killed Banga, the Government killed Banga. Many commercial tricyclists or keke operators have lost both their lives and their only means of livelihood at that same junction, those who stayed alive are frustrated, because they have been rendered jobless. Many of our youths who were sent to schooll, have returned home, packaged in a coffin. Many mothers who went to market to get food for their homes have not returned. Their children, their husbands are still awaiting their return. They will never return, we will never see them here again. If we will see them, it is in heaven or in hell. There are so many near misses; those whose bloods nearly went into that demonic pot, but were luckier. Dr. Kelechi Okpaleke, a former Commissioner of Information in Imo State is one of these lucky ones. Sometime in September, precisely on Wednesday, the 10th of September, 2014. Dr. Okpaleke and one of his nephews, Henry nearly had their blood in this pot of blood. A lorry belonging to Ikeduru Express lost control and ran into the Prado jeep which they were in. It took Divine intervention for another Volvo car and a keke Napep to wedge them from being crushed, hence halting what would have been a huge disaster. Their Prado jeep wasnt that fortunate as it was mangled beyond its original formation. Such was the damage that you will only credit their survival to God. God saved them for a purpose. Who knows, it could be to help fix that junction and close that pot of blood in the near future. I cant say for sure, but I hope so. TUGO is my friend, he is my brother and he was a good man. He lost his mother when he was younger than a stripling. His father, a good hearted school teacher struggled with the pittance he was receiving to bring him and his siblings up. Tugo became a graduate without a dent of dishonour, he went into the banking hall after his service year at Ekiti. He saw the loads of responsibilities awaiting him, he knew that the bank or any other paid job will not give him enough money for him to stand on his feet and help his yawning siblings. He threw himself into the world of business. From little buying and selling in Onitsha, he started buying goods from Overseas territory and supplying goods to customers across the Nigerian South. Tugo smiled always, he talked little, but he was a focused gentleman, a go-getter and a goal scorer. He had a good eye for opportunities. He saw the virginity of Yenagoa and went with a fiery urge to woo Yenagoa into the love of trade. He succeeded. Tugo picked good money, yet remained humble. Tugo was buried yesterday. He died, his limb ripped off by another straying lorry. Tugo who never frowned all his life, died with bold frowns on his face. Tugo was killed by the government. Somebody told me that Tugo rests in peace, that Banga rests in peace, that all the others whose beautiful souls and saint scented blood were wasted at IMSU Junction are resting in peace and I told him that it isnt true. These souls will never rest till no bloods are still sucked. We must not keep quiet, we must pressurize the government to do something, to wake up to its responsibilities and stop this insulting play to the gallery. It is actually human beings who are dying and not goats. I was angry when I Passed through that junction yesterday and I saw some people painting a monstrous two storey shrine which this government is constructing at that junction. That Shrine called Roundabout is hugely responsible for the upsurge in these accidents. The Imo State Ministry of Works must be put on notice. A responsible government will would waste no time in erecting speed breakers on that road, but Imo is in the hands of a Nollywood government. I am dispatching a petition to that ministry headed by Uche Mbanaso which will carry an ultimatum within which they are expected to to dismantle that shrine called roundabout and erect speed breakers on that road. If they fail to do so, I will have no other option but to formally write a petition to relevant engineering councils within Nigeria, demanding that they sanction those concerned. IMO GA ADI MMA OZO!
Posted on: Sat, 04 Oct 2014 12:39:03 +0000

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