LMFAO CONCISE SOLUTION TO ASUU AND FG TUSSLE (Trusted, not tested).... Based on 2009 agreement, ASUU has gone on strike. Almost 4 months the nations educational system has been grounded. Out of 90 billion arrears, FG promised 30billion...400 billion for infrastructure, FG initially promised 100 billion and later added 100 billion making 200 billion. Please I think with this ASUU should shift grounds for posterity purpose. For the sake of the youths, because this strike is never affecting neither the President,gover nors nor the ministers, not even the senators... It is all on the students with there future been at stake. Those who wrote JAMB cant be admitted, those already admitted cannot graduate. Maybe by next year NYSC we have no graduates to mobilize(na lie private universities dey) Okay!!! Now FG is broke as confirmed by our mother at the top of the economy. Yet another mother of ours has decided not to fly again, but purchase cars that worth 235million. Our National Assembly spend about 30 billion annually accordingly to our oga at the top of CBN Highest paid parliamentarian s in the world......inde ed FG must be broke. Theyre all sucking the nation dry.... I want to appeal to all our fathers in the land to prevail on ASUU. At least the SULTAN of Sokoto have spoken, our prominent royal fathers like the Ooni of Ife, Emir of Kano, Oba of Benin, Obi of Onistha should also help us. Religious leaders, our Lord Bishops, Most senior Pastors, Highly Reffered Reverends....ou r Imams in the mosque.... please...help us. Even if we have private universities, we are still part of the big Nigeria. If violent should revolutionized, no one will stay to govern anything. Let us start contributing money for FG, the big churches can donate 2billion each, for our God is a God of prosperity. And the bible says we will give to gentiles(ASUU and FG). Let us raise money in public places and give to the FG...FG is broke. Let our business tycoons like Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Oluwatosin Gbenga etc donate 2 billion each to FG. Thats statesmanship. Our father Afe Babalola during his Universitys convocation said he has spent 30 billion, he can at least lend FG some amount, FG will pay back. FG should open an account with all banks on ASUU name so we start contributing, students, market women, drivers, okada riders, agberos, beggars etc should contribute at least 100 naira everyday Our fellow private universities students, dont leave us in this struggle, we know well that you are rich. You can contribute for FG as well, those in public universities can go back to school. Please........ MTN, GLO, SHELL, EXONMOBILE, and all multinational companies, ASUU is part of your social responsibility. ..you can contribute as well. So that FG can get money to pay ASUU, so our children will go back to school Please all readers help me to pass this message to people who are concerned. These are my humble prescribed solutions to this problem. Thanks, yours in the Nigerian dream for survival
Posted on: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 20:01:33 +0000

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