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****LOVING LOVING LOVING!!!!**** A volunteer writes: I thought I was looking at a bunny rabbit but no, it was a pup, looking at me with almond shaped greenish eyes , huge ascending ears crowning his head. Oh, and I see a luckyspot on his forehead... What a cutie... 3 year old ....No way, BUDDY looks like a puppy...BUDDY is surely ready when I am. We hop happily toward the yard. BUDDY voids like a youngster and without marking. He loves to be free in a pen and enjoys his freedom. He is a great sitter for or no treats. Altough he is truly skin and bones, he does not snatch roastbeef from my hand. BUDDY comes right away when called and settles on the bench next to me and onto my lap for kisses and hugs. This little boy is very affectionate and is in dear need of TLC. Life and people have not been fair to him and it is about time that it changes... I never would have thought but BUDDY can play ball, runs for it, catches it and brings it back toward where I am. He does not guard it which means we can really have a game... Often, skinny, starving and poorly cared for dogs are a bit hyper and attention seeking or sometimes just totally aloof. BUDDY is quite collected, well mannered, rather calm, sociable and playful. He is adorable looking too. URGENT, PLEASE HURRY FOR THIS SWEET BOY, HE SO NEEDS A LOVING AND SECURE HOME...HE HAS SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE! https://facebook/Urgentdeathrowdogs/photos/a.611290788883804.1073741851.152876678058553/940616895951190/?type=3&theater
Posted on: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 01:39:50 +0000

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