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LSTV * Sun. 7-9 pm Eastern Words & Music In the studio this week - Eddie McCain – Liberty - Candidate for Congress REMEMBERING Our Veterans 1. Remember our Veterans 2. Dangerous Phase: Fukushima’s radioactive fuel rods to move to safe storage. 3. Liberals Lash Out Against Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood for Mocking Obamacare During CMA 4. ‘Hate Speech’: NBC’s Ann Curry Attacks Kirk Cameron’s Religious Beliefs 5. Man given Forcible 14-hour Anal Cavity Search, Colonoscopy after rolling stop! Mel, will be giving his take on Non-Main Stream News and pulling a few music videos from the vault! Fear not.... and be wise as a serpent.... know what is going on! A Reminder... Dannion Brinkley will be doing his Annual Veterans Day report on Coast to Coast AM Nov. 11th. I will be joining them for a short segment!! If youve not heard Dannion, you will want to hear him!! * * Click The Below Links At Show Time!! * * LSTVMedia, TV with a positive message!! Live chat (showtime): lstvmedia/Channel1chat.html on demand: lstvmedia/Channel1.html (Sign up to watch on our facebook page and invite your friends too!!) https://facebook/events/554865944592850/
Posted on: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 01:22:02 +0000

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