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Ladies, I am absolutely loving the fact that I have so many female FB friends that take such pride in their bodies. Daily, I come across countless gym check-ins, treadmill selfies, along with screen shots of mileage run, and I commend you all; but heres my concern... I saw the check-in to Chuys, I think its great that you attend the Potters House, and I simply love the fact that you checked in to Discount tire all by your lonesome to get your tires rotated. You are truly a big girl, but for the life of me I couldnt find one single solitary check-in to the local Pedi-spot on your page. Now, I am well aware that 60-90% of the reasoning that you workout is for you and not us guys, but Id hate for even the most miniscule amount of your hard work to be negated simply because its Hammer Time once you remove your cross trainers. Now, I am no where near that shallow an individual, but for most guys; it doesnt matter how well you read on paper. You can have any and every degree imaginable, great career, great smile, a sense of humor, be a woman of God, no ex-boo within a 50 mile radius, be the perfect child to your parents, the perfect sibling, beautiful, banging physique, along with a wagon out of this world, but if you come out of your kicks and due to your negligence you have allowed the bottom of your feet to Fossilize in the manner of my Uncle Perry Waynes... Its a deal breaker. Now me, Im the exception; under a few circumstances of course. On your birthday and Valentines day, there will be no bouquet of flowers. You shall receive a bouquet of Elite socks. On Mothers day, there will be no Edible Arrangement. You shall receive a pack of no-shows along with a gift card to FootSmart. You must swear before Moses to never-ever remove those Elite socks until I am in the deepest of sleeps, and promise to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to have them back on before I awake, and if so...We shall walk in Holy Matrimony... Juilliard dance feet and all. #thispostwaslongasthebookofpsalms
Posted on: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 20:40:43 +0000

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