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Larry Lamington & Kytons owner Sharon Sutton have done the “coconut” ice-bucket challenge in honour of Sharon’s dad, who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease. While the “Ice bucket challenge” phenomenon has been sweeping the world, raising awareness and money for MND is an issues close to the heart for Kytons Bakery owner Sharon, “my dad was diagnosed 11 years ago with MND and while he has lived much longer than many MND sufferers he is now in a nursing home and is confined to a wheelchair as the disease slowly degenerates his muscles and his quality of life.” Sharon nominates other foodie businesses in SA including FoodSA Board members and the other foodie mascots to do the ice-bucket challenge and donate to Motor Neurone Disease Association to continue the fight against this horrid disease. “ Eleven years ago few people had heard of Motor Neurone Disease and research funding was very limited, so it is amazing that so much money and so much awareness has been generated by such a simple idea. MND is a horrible disease that ruins the lives of its sufferers and is eventually fatal. It takes a huge toll on sufferers’ families as well, so thank you to everyone who has participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and donated money to help find better treatments and eventually I hope a cure for Motor Neurone Disease” Asked why she and Larry the Lamington chose to be covered in coconut, rather than ice-water, Sharon laughed “Unfortunately with Larry’s delicate skin, he may never have recovered from the iced water!” Kytons will be donating $1000 to the @Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia and encourages everyone participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to donate what they can when they do the challenge too (or “avoid the ice and donate twice!”) https://youtube/watch?v=uWxAWK3Lfpo
Posted on: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 06:38:07 +0000

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