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Lessons about productivity and conclusion In Maryam Jameelah’s life, there are many lessons for us. 1. Have sincere intentions and work hard This is the Productive Muslim motto! She exemplified passion and commitment to her cause, which was driven by her faith. She lived for Allah (glorified and exalted be He) alone and worked for Islam, the ummah and the akhira. 2. Live a simple lifestyle She was against modernism and materialistic society, and she lived a life of simplicity. She was living her truth and being true to herself – she was walking the walk. 3. Have courage It was not easy for her to go against her family and community to embrace Islam. She was brave to correspond with well-known leaders in the Muslim world. It also took a great amount of courage to leave behind everything she knew in the US to migrate to an unknown land, and renounce modern comforts for a simple life in a developing country where she knew no one, on the advice of someone she had never met. 4. Do not let obstacles stand in your way She faced hardships of not fitting into Jewish and American social circles in the US, and Pakistani circles in Pakistan. She also suffered from bouts of psychological/mental illness (nervous breakdowns, despair, exhaustion; and she took medication for schizophrenia). None of this stopped her from moving toward her goal – they merely slowed her down at times. 5. Expand your circle of influence for change She used the power of the written word, combined with her conviction, to become well known and influential. Her writing is the product of intelligent, critical thinking and presents logical arguments. Perhaps most importantly however, is the fact that her background as an “insider” to American culture, Jewish faith and Zionist organizations lends credence to her arguments. Click to read more: productivemuslim/influential-muslim-women-maryam-jameela/#ixzz2cUaRYOce Follow us: @AbuProductive on Twitter | ProductiveMuslim on Facebook
Posted on: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 07:30:55 +0000

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