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Lets Reason Together............., What would Jesus say, or do.? For many reasons, I had repeatedly resisted dragging the name of my Saviour, Jesus Christ,into this clanish dance going on in my country, Nigeria. But the more I try, the more Am compelled to look at it. Nigeria is at the threshold of a major elections, which expectedly is getting much attention at home and internationally. There are very genuine concerns as to what the outcome will portend for the country? Will the 2015 general elections make,break Nigeria? But my concern here is with the numerous activities and utterances of the various parties to this macabre drama that is unfolding. Its been said that all is fair in war and love. So the question is, is a political elections to be seen as a war, or battle, that all sides are right in employing all in their asernals in the ensuing tragedy? I am bothered about the way that religion,blackmail and scandals are engaged in a bit to have a head start. The two leading religions are out front there, going at esch, all in their zeal to defend the interest of their God. Now, Am going to narrow it down to my primary constituency, CHRISTIANITY. Must Christians take sides in an election, that has no bearings with the office of church directly? First, can we say that its Christian, or christlike for our men of clothes to surrender their pulpits to politicians, presch hate and division from the pulpit? I strongly believe that its mere religion for any pastor to yield to the error of invoking damnation on people opposed to his candidate of his choice. For any Christian to deliberately twist the gospel to suit his-/her interest. Its a general knowledge as embedded in Ibibio culture and custom (also Christian), many a man had gone to an early grave because of a false witness, or mere words of mouth. ( Ask the house rat about this ? ). Can we please stop mixing up religion with Christianity? I just wonder if Christ was here today what would be his take on all that deceit being peddled from the pulpit, and, or the hate notes, propaganda and smear campaigns going on? If Jesus and Mohammed were living in Nigeria today, would they approv the stoning and pelting of an opponent with water sachets? Why didnt Christ condem Judas,before he was killed? What would Christ have said,or done when an innocent man is kidnapped, killed and his family is further prosecuted for crying out for justice? What would Christ say to us his followers knowingly conniving to steal votes, or pray for absolution of a murderer from his crime for a fee? Tell me, you my Christian brother and sister, what would Christ have said,or done, when truth is twisted and justice denied, or yet, when we mischevioudly plant a seed of discord amongst the unsuspecting political fantastics? Posted. Houston,Texas Andy k. Andy. 26/01/2025.
Posted on: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 07:57:27 +0000

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