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Lets talk Don Norcross for a minute. Don doesnt want TRUTH to come out. Don has some explaining to do when it comes to the DRPA, the federal investigation and why he hasnt said boo about it. Lets be clear: the manufactured BS they are going to throw at Garry Cobb is to muddy the waters and turn off people. Garry is going to be turned into the next Jersey Devil over manufactured, petty stuff. Don and his minions need MILLIONS of dollars to accomplish this goal. They will flood you with pretty pictures and false facts about Don, while faking and forging facts about Garry. Garry, on the other hand, is going to expose the truth that is right under our eyes. Things the media refuse to report. Remember in 2010 when nobody wanted to report the stuff on Rob Andrews......Remember the residency of Joe Roberts, Gabby, Ian Leonard, etc that nobody really reported? Or the fact Ed McDonnell worked two county jobs? And where is the reporting on Jeff Nash....? We could go on about Dana Redd, Flip U, Frank Moran, Lou Greenwald and Steve Sweeney.....many have stories and knowledge and proof.......but it NEVER gets reported. Ever. The conflicts and their lies are too numerous to count and keep track of......yet they never get reported. It seems the only way to continue to lie, operate in conflict and corrupt the system is to CONTROL IT. The applause you see when Don Norcross and any Norcrat wins is not applause and excitement for a better us and a better tomorrow for us all.....rather the applause and excitement you witness is for the continuation to pull off the same crap to enrich and secure stuff for themselves, and their King- Overlord-God-Tyrant, George Norcross. Its about greed, control, manipulation, power ego and money. Us, the actual voters......we are just pawns......the campaign Don Norcross is about to unleash will likely be pure BS.....more of the rehashed stuff....smoke and mirrors......and nothing but a modern day hustle to continue their ill gotten ways. They muddy up the waters so you cant figure out what is truth and what is not. Its beyond right v. wrong......its about good v. evil. Its high noon Don Norcross....its time to debate Garry Cobb MULTIPLE times, and discuss all of the questions that have been raised, that have been accumulating over the past 1-20 years....... What do you have to lose Don?
Posted on: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 15:49:15 +0000

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