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Lil Update: 31/10/2014 S.S.D.D. IT was foretold long ago, that a team would rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and feast upon their own defeat, and upon the succulent teet of failure, they would suck. Today, it was confirmed that Club De Futbõl, previously named U Mad F.C. was that Phoenix like team of fire and passion. This was, like always, a game for the ages, one that would echo throughout the history books for millennia to come. It started out the same way as every other game did, and with our current hot streak, it ended much the same way, with an Phoenix rising victory. The first half of the game was swift as hell, with ourselves scoring an early goal within the first two minutes. After that our team was like water, smooth and gentle, but with surprisingly fast and furious power. Move to half time and we were up 7:1 against the BTs (Bribie Tigers). The second half was a whitewash of goals, starts, goals and starts. By the end of the game, with a minute to spare, we put the ball in the pocket, securing one last goal, and point, for the game, bringing the score to 13:1. Sidenote: Today is Halloween, we scored 13 points, the reverse of 13 is 31, today is the 31st... Illuminati.
Posted on: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:48:12 +0000

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