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Listen to this Video.... When two signs come together...pestilence / be-headings Is there canablism? YES...ISIS is eating human organs Ebola today is NOT real Ebola (no real hemorrhaging) Leaders in mega churches? The media is puffing up Zombism...The Holy Spirit also told me NOT to let My eyes look at or watch any evil.... So Quit looking or gazing at wicked, evil things. You have no idea of what theyre about to release. Quit looking at all the horror flicks, and quit looking at even the television with all the supernatural doorways being opened. THE INVISIBLE EVIL THAT HAS BEEN HELD BACK BY MY MERCY IS GOING TO BE RELEASED. What will enter the eyes and ears will be a complete Demon Thrust to possess all those NOT under the Blood of Jesus. AS CHRISTIANS...THIS IS WHERE WE RESIST BY ....THE WORDS OF OUR TESTIMONY AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS, NOT LOVING OURSELVES UNTO DEATH>>>>RESIST!!!!!
Posted on: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 16:23:16 +0000

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