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Lord I know not what it is, I just know I thank you. My prayers and condolences to the families who have lost loved ones, my sincere prayers are sent up for the sick and shut-in. I am kneeling down low for the deliverance of the young lost ones who havent found the joy of the Lord. Im praying for those who serve satan in the belief that they are doing right. I pray for those who would rather hate a person because of the color of their skin, the length of their hair, who they love, where they live, what rumor they have heard, or whatever other silly reason. God blessed each one of us with life, He said that each one of us has the chance to do wonderful things, He asked us to love ye one another. God is our judge and jury, not us on us. When we break the law, yes we must pay, but not to some of the extremes that happen. I am praying for the betterment of our Parish, we can set the example of how people are meant to live together, get along together, provide for the less fortunate together, provide a better education for our children together, all it takes is us getting together, praying together and believing in the Lord God above as being the focus of all our lives. It is not for us to decide who has the right to be on top of everything. God made us all. He made man, man and animals, animals, He gave man rule over animals, not to mistreat but to use in the manner He set forth. All men under God were created alike, blood and guts, life and death, so who are we that we can decide who rules an earthly man. Only God, only God. So Im praying for us all, God is for us all. Be blessed, do some kindness today, love someone today that you didnt give a thought to yesterday. Thank you Jesus for being my all and all.
Posted on: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 16:33:38 +0000

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